Always use a NACS certified member. Make a clean sweep for safety.
NACS is the leading Uk chimney sweeping association.

Chimney Sweeping

All domestic, solid fuel and wood fired appliances require regular and frequent chimney sweeping,
even when burning smokeless fuels. A competent individual should carry out this important work.

Modern appliances, installations and regulations mean that chimney sweeping is, today, far more varied than in the past. Tools and techniques must accommodate this variety.

Traditional Rods and Brushes used on the majority of jobs

Sometimes power sweeping is used for more stubborn tars and soots.

How often should your chimney be swept and checked?

  • At least once per year if you use smokeless fuels.
  • At least twice per year if you use bituminous coals.
  • Quarterly if burning wood.

With Glynns Chimney Sweeps your chimney or liner is swept by qualified members of The National Association Of Chimney Sweeps.

What are the benefits of chimney sweeping?

  • Sweeping chimneys and flue liners helps prevent chimney fires, house fires and dangerous gasses and emissions entering the property, causing harm to occupants.
  • As well as sweeping, we evaluate the performance of stoves and open fires and can advise changes to increase efficiency if needed. We can also educate the householder on safer operation.


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